RevenueHub publishes plain-English articles and example-based case studies that explain the major aspects of the new revenue recognition standard. We also compile resources from the SEC, FASB, TRG, and major accounting firms: providing one place for accounting professionals to find relevant revenue guidance and improve their understanding of the new revenue standard. And if you have a particularly thorny revenue question that our articles don’t yet address, send it our way.

Contributing Authors

Andrew Bellomy
BYU MAcc 2017

Andrew has previously interned with KPMG, where he will begin full-time following graduation. Aside from accounting, Andrew enjoys playing the guitar and hiking with his wife and two children.

Cole Moffat
BYU MAcc 2017

Cole was born and raised in the northern suburbs of Chicago. He loves music; Cole started studying piano at the Music Institute of Chicago when he was four and currently sings in the BYU Concert Choir.

Lydia Sheffield
BYU MAcc 2017

Lydia grew up in Chicago, IL and Highland, UT. She loves trail running, playing tennis, wandering through art museums, and visiting big cities. After graduation she will be joining Deloitte Consulting in New York.

Morgan Hunsaker
BYU MAcc 2018

Morgan grew up in Tokyo, Japan. When Morgan is not studying accounting he can be found playing or watching sports. He will be interning with PWC in San Francisco this summer.

Faculty Contributors

Cassy Budd
Teaching Professor, School of Accountancy

Cassy Budd has more than 10 years of experience in public accounting (with PricewaterhouseCoopers) and more than 12 years of experience teaching accounting at the University level (3 years at USU and more than 9 years at BYU). She has a wonderful husband of 27 years and 4 amazing children. Together, they love to spend time outdoors hiking, biking, skiing and simply enjoying nature. Cassy recently returned from a professional leave where she spent 7 months working with pre-IPO companies helping them get ready for the big stage.

Jeff Wilks
Director & EY Professor, School of Accountancy

Professor Wilks is the Director and EY professor of BYU’s School of Accountancy. From 2006 to 2008, he worked as an academic fellow at the Financial Accounting Standards Board in Norwalk, Connecticut. While there, he led the development of the new international standard on revenue recognition, a standard that was released in May 2014. Professor Wilks also served from 2008-2009 as an academic advisor to the International Accounting Standards Board in London, England. He has also served as a technical advisor to Connor Group, which provides technical GAAP review, IPO services, and SEC reporting guidance to firms preparing for IPO. In January 2014, the US Financial Accounting Foundation appointed him to the Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Council.

Connor Group Contributors

Aleks Zabreyko
Partner, Head of Professional Practice at Connor Group

Aleks is Partner and Head of Connor Group Technical Accounting Interpretations (professional practice) and has extensive hands-on US GAAP and IFRS experience advising clients and other Connor professionals in multiple complex areas, including revenue recognition, business acquisitions and dispositions, capital markets including IPO and cross-border transactions, stock compensation, inventories, complex financial instruments, SEC reporting and regulations; and various complex or unique transactions.

David Butler
Director, Finance at Connor Group

As a leading member of Connor Group’s IPO Services practice, Dave has led IPO engagements in a wide variety of industries and has assisted clients in raising over $3.0 billion in IPO proceeds. Throughout his career, Dave has also served in various public accounting and industry roles, including as a corporate controller for multiple private and publicly-traded companies. He has extensive experience working with business combinations and acquisition integrations, reverse acquisitions, complex financial instruments and embedded derivatives, share-based compensation, debt and equity financings, debt modifications and restructurings, financial statement preparation, SEC reporting, fund accounting, and complex financial modeling. Dave is also considered a subject-matter expert in revenue recognition and has presented at various conferences on both ASC 605 and ASC 606.

Landon Fowler
Manager – Technical Accounting & IPO Services at Connor Group

Landon Fowler is currently a technical accounting advisor at Connor Group where he serves clients in diverse industries across the United States. He helps to solve their most complex accounting and business issues. He primarily advises companies in SEC reporting matters as they prepare for their IPO. He also specializes in revenue recognition and ASC 606 assessment and implementation for private and public companies. Landon previously worked as an auditor for Deloitte. He is a BYU alumnus with a passion for his school as he spent time as a member of the Cougar football team. He loves to compete in athletics, enjoy the outdoors, and spend time with his wife and two children.

Shamae Budd
Writer/Contributor at Connor Group

Shamae studied English at Brigham Young University. During her time as an undergraduate, she worked as a copy editor for two student journals, Schwa and STANCE: For the Family. Following her graduation in 2015, she joined the Connor Group team, contributing her writing and editing skills to many projects. She has recently returned to BYU where she is pursuing a master’s degree in creative writing and teaching entry-level college English.

Alumni Contributors & Former Team Members

Aaron Jacob MAcc ’12
Angel Bird BYU MAcc 2017
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